Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skin 79 BB Cream

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally review my first try of BB creams. I purchased the Skin79 sample set from Amazon and I cannot say I am disappointed. In fact, I am quite delighted! The creams vary slightly in color and the silver Pearl one is the only one with some fun shimmer.

My skin tone is medium-fair and I usually wear soft beige in Chanel Double Perfection Compact. My favorite one out of the four was the light pink Diamond Collection tube. This one was pretty much perfect for my skin and had a nice velvety ivory look to it. The Skin79 colors have little variance amongst them, but the gold and dark pink tubes are slightly more yellow/dark. I would recommend these for the summer or for more medium skin tones.
What I love the most about these BB creams is that they are lighter than a foundation, but cover better than a powder. They make pores smaller and redness disappear creating a very flattering effect. So far, they are not oily on my dry/sensitive skin.

Now for the swatches.. from left to right accordingly

You can definitely see how the first two are a bit darker than the last two, but they do oxidize a bit to adjust to your skin tone. However, I do not recommend these particular ones for darker skin tones because although they oxidize, they will remain a certain shade. Instead, I would recommend Missha BB creams because they have more color shades.

I will be trying more BB creams to come, but so far I am LOVING the Skin79 Diamond collection!




  1. I've been wanting to try BB cream myself! I was thinking of trying the Maybelline one, but I'm so unsure about my skin tone. I may have to check out Amazon too.

  2. Hey Yen! So far the Skin79 ones are awesome. I think they would fit your skin tone well too. I heard the American bb creams are more like tinted moisturizers and the Maybelline one has an orange tint to it. Once I get back to America I will be getting some samples and I can send a few over to you! :)


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