Friday, July 20, 2012

Peti' Colle Baby Hand Mask

Sorry for the short hiatus there. I recently went on vacation for my husband's block leave and just got back a couple weeks ago. It's really great to be back home, getting back into a routine, but I really miss all the delicious food and shopping at my fingertips. Jenny is currently away on her Europe vacation and won't be back til August, so for now, you're just stuck with me!

While on vacation, my husband and I hit up Mitsuwa, mainly because I wanted to look at their beauty products. Masks of any kind, whether it's face, hand, feet seems to be very popular and depending on where you go, it can be very cheap. At Mitsuwa, majority of their products are imported from Japan and they are not cheap whatsoever! I came across these Peti' Colle Baby hand mask mainly because the packaging was so pretty. We use our hands for everything and I wash my hands a lot which means they are constantly dry and during those bitter winter months, they become even more dry and sometimes chapped and flaky. I believe this hand mask was about $5 which is pretty expensive considering I bought 2 in hopes of them working.

One side has pink clear gloves, like the ones food industries use and the other side has a cloth glove drenched in the solution. The scent is a little herbal, but nothing too funky. You just put on the cloth glove and top it with the pink glove and sit for 10 minutes or so. Since the instructions were in Japanese, I wasn't sure if you were suppose to wash your hands after, but I gave it a quick rinse. My hands felt AMAZING afterwards! I think next time I'm going to exfoliate beforehand then use the hand mask. Sadly, my hands are now back to normal... dry dry dry.


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