Monday, September 3, 2012

Skin Food Makeup

Hi everyone!

So today, I decided to check out the Korean skin care and beauty brand called Skin Food. I was first introduced to this brand a few years ago while I was abroad in Thailand, so I was really excited that it's finally here in California. They mostly have a range of skin care products that are named and made from fruit and vegetable ingredients.The packaging alone is really pretty and alluring.

Today, I decided to pick up a few of their makeup items which I will list below the name and link to them. Anyways, I got two cream blushes or "Rose Cheek Chalk" in a pink and peach color. I also got a lipstick that looks like a bright pink berry color. It's quite sheer but I like that. I also got a lip and cheek tint in a bright pink/orange. Their colors are also exactly like they show in the pots.

Here are the products listed:

1. Candy Moist Rouge in #352 Peanut Berry $11
2. Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in Grapefruit $12
3. Rose Cheek Chalk in #2 Rose Peach $9.80 (left)
4. Rose Cheek Chalk in #3 Rose Orange $9.80 (right)

I love how tiny and cute their makeup products are, I almost want to get a tiny purse just to carry them around with me like little makeup treasures.

I hope you all will get to check out a Skin Food store near you. Thanks for reading. :)




  1. I love that packaging! The lip and cheek tint reminds me of something I used to have when I was in 4th grade and I LOVED it! I think I need to buy this just to bring back those memories!

    1. Hi Niki! The packaging of their products is just soo cute. I just love how tiny and fruity their makeup products are, it's like a makeup fruit candy shop. Thanks so much for stopping by. :D




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