Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's In Yen's Bag

Whats in your bag is another one of those fun tags we've seen all across Youtube and other blogs. I, personally love seeing what people keep in their bags! Sadly, what I keep inside isn't as interesting as the bag itself. I received this bag back in February for my 8 year wedding anniversary and I have been carrying it ever since. I was coveting over this bag for quite some time... it's a gorgeous dark brown with gold accents and you can extend the sides of the bag either to make it roomier or to add the strap. I've always carried large bags and hated having to dig through and even though this bag is the perfect size, I still tend to lose my keys at the bottom.

For the longest time, my keys were held up by this blue lanyard with little kawaii dinosaurs on it and over the years it's gotten pretty dirty. When I had my Jeep Commander, we only had one key, so when my husband would drive my car, he hated having to carry my keys because of the lanyard. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me. So, earlier this year I picked up this keyring from Betsey Johnson which I absolutely love! I also switch wallets pretty often, but have noticed I always come back to this one. The color alone is a gorgeous coral color with gold zippers and the color inside the stencil print is also gold. It's made my Kimchi Blue which I picked up from Urban Outfitters.

Honestly, I'm a simple girl and I don't carry make up, just the essentials. Everyone needs a tiny notebook and pen, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and of course lip balms. I also carry my glucose meter as well as some prescribed medicine(s) which I forgot to add in. I also always try to carry around some kind of snack bar just in case my sugar gets too low.

1 Kimchi Blue Lasercut Zip-Around Checkbook Wallet 2 Betsey Johnson Key Ring (sorry, couldn't find a link!) 3 Michael Kors strap to my purse 4 Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose & Dior Addict Lip Glow 5 Notebook received inside one of my UmbaBox 6 Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Berry Crisp and hand lotion in Sweet on Paris. 7 Canvas Glass Holder.

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