Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clarin's UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

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How is everyone's week going? Mine is going slow, so I decided to post to get us through hump day. Recently, I visited my dermatologist for a routine visit and to ask him some of my skin care questions. I asked him whether it was better to use a chemical sunscreen versus a physical sunscreen. I asked him this because I've noticed that my cheaper Neutrogena sunscreen (which I love) is a chemical sunscreen, and the more expensive sunscreens that I've used in the past such as Dermalogica and Shiseido tend to be physical sunscreens. He said that it's always better to use a physical sunscreen because chemical sunscreens become absorbed by your skin whereas physical sunscreens stay on top of your skin. To look for a physical sunscreen look for something with Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide. Remember studying the periodic table in high school? Well, Titanium is actually a shiny metal element that reflects UV rays. Basically, your sunscreen is made up of tiny little mirrors that reflect the sun physically. Tada! He even said that chemical sunscreens are well on their way out and that in a few years we won't even be seeing them on the market. So, although I love saving money, it looks like I'll be switching to a physical sunscreen to protect the one face I have. Now onto the Clarin's review...
This sheer, oil-free formula offers triple protection. It shields the skin from sun damage, fights wrinkles and DNA damage, and delivers a dose of Clarins powerhouse antioxidant complex to fight wrinkle-causing free radical damage.

This Clarins sunscreen ($38) is a lightweight milky substance that comes out more watery than creamy. Once applied to my skin it almost has a powdery feel to it. The formula doesn't irritate my skin and is easy to apply. I like it better than Dermalogica because it's cheaper and washes off much easier at night. I also like it better than Shiseido because it's so much lighter feeling. The only tiny downside is that it leaves a slight white cast that most sunscreens do. Overall, this is a great product and I would repurchase it. What sunscreens do you use? Any sunscreens that you love? Let us know! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week. <3

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