Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Burt's Bees: Intense Hydration

I'm a Bzz Agent and I was so excited to see a campaign for some Burt's Bees products! These are right up my alley too. First, I'm kinda old and my skin has gotten pretty dry in the last year or so. I've tried many moisturizers and face products for my dry skin and they work for a week or so and my skin goes back to being dry, flaky and dull.

The first product I tried was the intense hydration cream cleanser. It's a very creamy texture and when you rinse it off, you get that squeaky clean feeling. My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. The cleanser retails at $9.99. By far one of my favorite cleansers.

The intense hydration night cream is the thickest cream I have ever put on my face! Oh, ummm that sounded kinda dirty. I don't use the night cream daily but I like that it absorbs into my skin quickly and it's non-greasy. This product retails at $17.99.

Lastly, I received the intense hydration treatment mask. I absolutely looooove this product! The only down fall to this product is that you're suppose to apply it and then wipe it off, but the first time I used it, I had nothing to wipe off so I kept it on like a regular cream. My face was incredibly smooth and my dull skin was definitely revitalized the next morning. This product retails at $17.99 and completely worth it!

Overall, the brand Burt's Bees has many amazing products and I was so lucky to try out their intense hydration line through Bzz Agent.

I am not sponsored or affiliated with Burt's Bees in any way. I got these products for free by being a Bzz Agent (sign up! It's free!). All opinions are my own.

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