Thursday, May 16, 2013

April Glossybox

April Glossybox! I was pretty ecstatic about this box after seeing an unboxing on Youtube. Was it just me, but did anyone else not receive a tracking number? That was pretty annoying. So, let's get out with the products for April.

Tigi Blush in Glow retail $22 // Must be blush season because this is the second one I've received for the month of April. The packaging is pretty cheap, but the color is absolutely gorgeous. I think this is one of those products where it'll be universally liked and looks greats on everyone. When I first swatched it, it was pretty pigmented and very pink, but when I applied it (with a gentle hand of course) it was the perfect shade. Definitely one of my favorite items I received this month.

Honest Organic Lip Balm in Be Simple retail 3pk for $10.95 // I am so jelly jelly of everyone who received a scented lip balm! I received Be Simple which is plan unscented. Boriiiiing. Aside from the boring scent, I love that they are made from organic jojoba and oils from olives, sunflowers and coconuts. Tahititian Tamanu oil, rich with Omega 6 & 9. Nothing but the best ingredients! Thanks Jessica Alba and friends.

Jenny's two cents- Hi guys! I'm adding into Yen's blog post. I loved this lip balm. I got the lavender mint scent and feels and smells minty on my lips. I love how it glides across my lips and I like to use it before I start my day and before I go to sleep.

Wash with Joe Coffee Mint Body Wash retail $28 // The one thing I was looking forward to turned into a huge disappointment! When I first sniffed the scent, it reminded me of the stuff you put in your dog's water to help freshen their breath. Then, when I tried to use it in the shower? I think the bottle itself is made out of hard plastic because I couldn't squeeze out the product. What's the point of having a spout on top if the bottle isn't squeezable. Yea... that was a problem. On top of that, the liquid was thin and brown which looked really gross. And the smell? Horrible! Did it work? I didn't feel extremely invigorating after. I think this is a great product for the men in our lives. Especially mine who wakes up at 4:45AM every day. I would like it more if the scent was sweeter or creamier.

Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist retail $22 // Hair styling products is one of those samples I hate to receive just like how everyone hates those perfume samples. My hair looks the same 364.5 days of the year. Yes, I'm incredibly boring like that. I have yet to try it, but I am curious to see how this will hold up in my fine, straight but thick hair.

Jenny's two cents- Ok, so I did try this product and I have really thick and wavy hair so unfortunately this product didn't do much for me. It pretty looked like I spent the at the beach and my hair looked bigger and windblown.

Bulgari Bath Tea Bag retail $9.50 // Can you believe this is worth $9.50?! Yeaaa me neither. I actually haven't used this. I rarely take baths, but I'm thinking of hanging it up in the shower instead. I have to say though, best concept ever! Everything in a neat little pouch... still getting the same benefit but without the mess.

Le Metier Replenishing Daily Solution retail $225 // I remembered we received this back in the Man Repeller box and this stuff is liquid gold! At $225 for 1.70oz? Way way overpriced. Even if I was ballllin', I wouldn't spend this much on a product.

Jenny's two cents- Whyyy oh why is this product 225 dollars?? I tried it and it was awesome. It made my skin look smoother, my pores look a lot smaller, and the redness go away. Honestly, it really works and if it were in my price range (like $60) I would repurchase it in a heart beat.

We're also hosting our blog's first year anniversary giveaway in the next couple weeks! So, stay tuned because there's 2 different prizes for 2 winners!

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  1. I was not a fan of the body wash. It was so muddy looking in the shower, and isn't it so weird that you can't squeeze the bottle?! It makes no sense. That stinks that you got an unscented lip balm!


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