Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star Crushed Minerals Giveaway!

I am so excited for this giveaway! I "met" Edith randomly on Etsy a couple months back when she either liked or added me to her circle. From there, she contacted me (after I favorited her shop) with an additional discount code for her grand opening. I bought a couple things... helped her created a banner and blog button which in result, got sent some extras.

Who, what is Star Crushed Minerals?

Star Crushed Minerals was born from my personal experience with problem skin and the desire to have a healthy, natural alternative to big brand cosmetics. I suffered for years with breaking out every time I wore makeup... I had tried it all. Non-comedogenic, medicated. You name it, I bought it. I had just about given up on makeup altogether when in my quest I started to read about mineral cosmetics.

After much research about the ingredients and their benefits, I started making my own mineral cosmetics. It was literally the answer I was searching for. It was a personal victory that brought with it relief and confidence. I have not used big brand cosmetics in years and don't see myself going back.

I have regularly given some of my makeup to friends and family when I mix my batches and have also donated some to a local girls home. Some of my friends started mentioning that I should sell it instead of giving it away - I told my husband about it and he thought it would be a great idea to be a two-Etsy shop home! Well, I've seen the hard work that goes into having a shop on Etsy and wasn't sure if I could do it; but then I realized I wouldn't be alone in my endeavor...I have a seasoned veteran by my side! :)

So, here I am...sharing my experience and my handmade, 100% natural products with you. I hope that by offering an affordable alternative to big brand cosmetics people will join me in the realization that we are not bound to the chemical-filled, over-priced makeup that is advertised at the turn of every corner.

Her products are very pigmented and she has a ton of gorgeous colors available too. The darker shades are also perfect to double as an eyeliner. With that being said, Star Crushed Minerals is offering an exclusive 25% off to our readers! Make sure to add in the code SCM25 in the note box to receive your discount. Thanks Edith!! & Happy 4th of July everyone!

EDIT: There seems to be a confusion. You are not required to make a purchase at Star Crushed Minerals to participate in this giveaway. If you do decide to make a purchase, the owner was kind enough to offer a 25% discount and you will receive an extra 10 entries. Again, it is not mandatory for YOU to make a purchase! If you have a question, please email us.

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  1. Making a purchase doesn't seem right. What are you getting from hosting this giveaway?

    1. We do not get anything from hosting this giveaway. If you choose to make a purchase, then yes, you'll receive an extra 10 entries. Making a purchase is not mandatory. If you have a question, please come off anon and/or email us. Thanks.


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