Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pure Smile Point Pads

I am a sucker for anything cheap and/or quirky and these are definitely on the list. When I was in LA last month, Jenny and I popped into Little Tokyo and was browsing around in one of the beauty stores and came across these. I honestly cannot tell you what they are for, but as the packing states, they're point pads. The photos on the back say they are for your cheeks and the top of your feet (I have no clue why). From being in LA to flying back home, my skin was hating me and in serious need of a boost. I tried the cucumber one on my cheeks which smells exactly like a slice of cucumber and let me tell you... at $1.50 a pack, it really helped moisturize my skin.

Have you guys tried any products where it was dirt cheap and just too good to be true? Also, have you entered in our recent giveaway?

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