Thursday, April 17, 2014

B&BW French Lavender Honey + Almond Honey Body Souffle

I usually don't purchase bath products from Bath & Body Works because I'm addicted to their candles or other home scents. Plus, sometimes my skin disagrees and starts breaking out or gets really itchy. I had a coupon and just so happen to be at the mall, so I dragged my friend Noel and sniffed all their new scents. Complete overload!

I am a huge sucker for beautiful packaging and these body souffles totally caught my eye! Not just with it's beautiful packaging, but the scents as well. The french lavender and honey is less lavender and more floral. The almond one... well, that was a huge let down. I originally tested it in the store and the almond scent was very prominent, but the batch I purchased smells nothing like almond and it's extremely florally. What I do love about them is that they are not greasy and absorbs quickly.

Have you guys purchased any goodies from Bath & Body Works lately? What's your favorite scent?

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