Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mario Badescu Ginseng Moist Cream

With Spring here, I thought the dryness on my face will clear and go back to normal. Nope. My face suddenly became extremely dry around my cheeks and mouth area. It was pretty bad. The dryness was flaky and peeling and no matter what moisturizer I used, it wasn't working. I popped into Ulta to browse and have heard great things about Mario Badescu products.

I went with the ginseng because it's high in vitamins to nourish skin, preserve elasticity and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Let me just say, this product was a God send! After a few short days, the dryness has cleared and my face is finally back to normal! It still gets dry from time to time, but with just a small amount, it helps. This product retails for $18 and is completely worth it!

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