Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FairyDrops Mascara

Hello everyone,

Today I will be reviewing FairyDrops Volume Burst Mascara ($20.99). I recently took a trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles and picked this up in Maneki Neko which is one of their huge makeup stores. I've had my eye on FairyDrops mascaras for a while now and I just couldn't resist the super cute and crazy packaging.

Maneki had a few in stock and I decided to try this one, which is the normal non-waterproof volume version and also the purple waterproof version. I liked this one better because it didn't make my lashes go in different directions which the purple one did. I've had it on for five hours now and it hasn't smudged or budged one bit, pretty impressive.

I have long straight lashes and this mascara does a good job at giving them volume and a slight curl. However, it can get a bit clumpy. Personally, I prefer mascaras that give more length over volume because I like them clean and defined. I would invest in this mascara if you like mascaras that don't run (who doesn't?) and prefer volume over length. Either way, the fun pink packaging just makes me sooo happy, so so happy. This particular mascara is challenging to find online, but the Scandal Queen version is available on Amazon.

Thanks so much for reading! Have any of you tried FairDrops products? What are your favorite mascaras? Let us know! <3

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