Thursday, June 27, 2013

L'Oreal BB Cream

I've been using Maybelline dream fresh BB cream for the past year after reading rave reviews but in the last couple months have switched over to L'oreal Paris BB cream and I'm currently loving this product.

I was surprised when I first used this product. Unlike Maybelline, this product comes out looking like sunscreen, but after applying it to my face, the color started to match up. This is a great medium coverage for every day wear. I love how it covers up my imperfections without making my face look ghostly like Maybelline's dream fresh BB cream. The only thing I would say is that after wearing this BB cream for over 12 hours, my face turned into a giant grease ball.

Do you guys use drugstore BB cream?


  1. Was that the BB cream you were wearing in Cali?

  2. I just got the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream from Influentster. Within 30 minutes of putting it on I feel like a grease ball. I don't feel like it gives good coverage either and it says you should reapply it every 2 hours. I may try it again in the winter.

    I also have the DD Cream from Julep. I haven't quite tried it yet officially yet. Just tested on my hand.


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