Monday, August 19, 2013

MyChelle Sun Shield

Hello everyone!

Today I will be reviewing MyChelle's Sun Shield SPF 28 ($19). I recently picked up this little goodie at Mother's Market. It's summer here in California, which means it's time to really lather on the sun screen to prevent skin cancer and signs of aging. I'm currently using my Clarin's sunscreen for my face and this one for my neck and chest. Because my Clarin's one is so expensive, I had to find a more cost efficient sunscreen to use on the side.

So far, I am really loving this sunscreen! It's completely organic and the ingredients are very simple (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.) The texture isn't too thick and it leaves a light coconut scent behind. Yum! I probably will continue to use this one for my body and my Clarin's sunscreen for my face. Depending on how much time I'll be spending by the beach I think this tube will last me a month to a few months. I will definitely be picking up more in the future! What sunscreen are you currently using? Thank you for reading! :)

Oh! And just in case you're wondering why sunscreen is important, I'll leave a quick video by Michelle Phan that explains everything about it here. Ok, catch you guys later. <3

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